Preludes Artist Statement

January 2015
Kathryn Arnold

With this selection of paintings I work  with color and its relationship to space. I use abstraction, formalizing the coincidental and emphasizing the process of composing which plays a part in these seemingly random works. Private, unfiltered, highly subjective thought processes play about in the creation of these works which reference the world of dreams and illusions, experience and feeling.

These paintings feature accidental and unexpected connections making it possible to revise art history yet also find ways to complement the past traditions. These works create surprising relationships, inventing ways of combining unrelated aspects. By experimenting with aleatoric  processes, I create intense personal moments using sets of contrasts: rules/omissions, acceptance/refusal and the viewer suspends the use of logic as they enter in.

My works do not reference recognizable forms but at times exchange inferences with real life (for example ‘Autumn’). The results deconstruct meaning – meaning is shifted and possible interpretations are multi-faceted. By rejecting objective truth and narratives I create a situation where the viewer confronts their own perceptions and has to reconsider visual experience.

 ‘Preludes’  are an ongoing series and this is a selection of 3 of these works.